MIGEM delegation at Geonardo - Graphisoft Park

The event has taken place in Graphisoft Park (Geonardo HQ) 11th of October. From Geonardo Mr Ímer Ceylan (Director of Operations) and Mr Peter Gyuris (ImpactMin Project Coordinator) were representing ImpactMin project.

The delegation of fifteen mining and environmental scientists has learnt about the objectives and results of the Project. The presented novel ImpactMin methods have generated great interest from the audience and lively discussions were taken place concerning the methods and tools that can be used for monitoring mining impacts.

In the last part of the event the MIGEM delegation were informed about the Training tool of the Project that can serve dissemination purposes and also it is a capacity building tool. The demonstration of the e-learning facility developed by Geonardo, included literature and real life studies animated with audio and visual media. Download ImpactMin Project presentation from here.